Reading Loop, Wednesday May 18th, 6pm – Site Gallery

The artist Paul Evans will be leading the Reading Loop on May 18th. The aim will be to explore concepts surrounding our contemporary relationship with animals (particularly ‘urban’ species) and to touch on a few philosophical ideas concerning anthropocentrism.

Examples of Paul’s work relating to these issues can be viewed at: &

We will view a few examples from the Origin series, discuss Florent Tillon’s video Rond-point de la porte Maillot (The Porte Maillot Roundabout) and listen to extracts from Peter Reading’s poems Faunal and -273.15.

The texts we’ll be reading are Why look at Animals by John Berger (from About Looking) and To Not Happen by Yve Lomax (in particular pages 36-39).

If you have the time, you may also wish to watch the short video featuring Donna Haraway discussing inter-species relationships.

For links to both videos, please click on the Vidéothèque tab at the top of the page.

Lynx (Lynx lynx), graphite on paper fixed with Lynx Sharp Focus body spray Paul Evans 2008

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