Animality – some ideas

If you’d like to contribute a piece that responds to the Animality theme in the forthcoming occursus books, you may find the following useful…

“The question of the living and of the living animal … will always have been the most important and decisive question.” (Jaques Derrida, ‘The Animal That Therefore I Am’)

We are asking for contemporary responses to the question of ‘the living and the living animal’ and how this might impact upon our current, anthropocentric, world view.

What is the nature of the human/animal distinction? Is this distinction actually still valid?

Bearing in mind the diversity of species, how does this singular term ‘Animal’ function as an overall category? What do we mean when we use the word ‘Animal’?

Donna Haraway has written of human nature as an interspecies relationship, operating on many interconnected levels. We tend to see other ‘creatures’ as figures within a plexus of complex natural ecologies but ourselves as somehow outside of these networks. Is this a valid perspective?

For further info on this section, please contact Paul Evans (

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