Maud Haya Baviera begins new occursus residency at SIte Gallery

I’m very pleased to undertake this four-week occursus residency at Site Gallery. This exciting opportunity will allow me to focus exclusively and intensely on the realisation of a new video project.

The first time I worked with Site Gallery was in 2005 when I was commissioned to create a new work for the exhibition Immediate 3. One year later I worked for the first time with Amanda Crawley Jackson, when she invited me to take part in the exhibition Channel, which she was curating. It is a great pleasure for me that my work will once again be associated with the highly reputable Site Gallery and with Amanda’s ability to move mountains coupled with her enthusiasm for thriving intellectual exchanges.

At this point I wish to keep the details of the work I will create secret. I am only willing to reveal that it will be my most ambitious work to date and that I will use Site Gallery’s technical resources to support myself in this aspiration. I also want this new work to remain sufficiently simple in order to incite an immediate and strong appeal along with an eerie curiosity.

Maud Haya-Baviera, 2011

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