Reading Loop, Thursday November 3rd, 6pm

The next Reading Loop will take place on Thursday November 3rd at 6pm in room 117, Jessop Building, University of Sheffield.

Jérôme Grivel, the current occursus artist in residence, will screen some of his video works and talk about his practice, as well as lead a discussion on Christophe Kihm’s text, Amplifications.

Read Amplifications

Jérôme Grivel, extract from A Quiet Place (made during occursus residency in Sheffield, 2011)

Jérôme made this work in Sheffield’s Rivelin Valley (which runs alongside the Rivelin Valley Road that connects Sheffield to the A57 Snake Pass to Manchester). Once the site of 20 cutlery-producing mills, you can still see the traces left by industry in the natural landscape – mill ponds, goits and dams. (Actually, perhaps it’s more accurate to talk about the ways in which industry made this natural landscape… ). On my walks along the river valley, I’ve discovered fragments of a clay pipe, pieces of broken crockery (one with the date 1789 stamped on the back), chunks of millstones, fist-sized lumps of black slag… On several occasions I’ve seen a heron – a strangely pre-historical bird that flies silently downriver like a grey and white pterodactyl… A few years ago, as we walked the dogs on Christmas day, an eagle wearing a yellow band around its leg observed us quietly from its vantage point in a tall tree. The fast-flowing river is punctuated with boulders, dams and waterfalls. In places, it runs ferrous red. (ACJ)

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