Reading Loop, Thursday November 10 2011, 6pm

We’re pleased to announce that the next reading loop will be led by artist Bob Levene, who has chosen Pierre Schaeffer’s text, ‘Acousmatics’.

The loop will take place on Thursday November 10 at 6pm, in seminar room 117, Jessop Building, 34 Leavygreave Road, University of Sheffield.

Read Acousmatics here.

Bob will also talk briefly about her own practice before we discuss the text.

Bob Levene is an artist who embraces the conclusive, ongoing and unpredictable. Her work resounds with a poetic sensibility that defies categorisation, but with a focus on the nature of perception and sound. Adopting pseudo-scientific strategies and anthropological methods of recording to analyse the ‘nature’ of things, she investigates time, distance and communication. In her efforts with limited resources and limited tools, she uncovers with wit and guile-free sincerity a finely balanced poetics of perception that takes us beyond the ‘truth’ of things into the realm of the absurd”.

Roger McKinley, Corridor8 Magazine, 2009


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