One thought on “occursus w/pandemic! 7.11.11

  1. I had spent some time earlier scanning stuff on Badiou, so was able to follow this interesting session. Share some of the misgivings about the modernist art examples, but it was great to see the Sol Lewitt exemplifying set theory. He was a key figure bridging modernism and contemporary (conceptual) art, but I think his work also had a social team-based awareness.

    I can buy into BD ‘events’ happening occasionally- great moments in art, falling in love, scientific paradigm shifts, political upheavals, to a certain extent inevitably. So there is no need for hopeful waiting. Recognizing such key political moments is another thing, guarding against appropriation by the System yet another, but the real problematic for me is organizing and maintaining a new order with the same energy and cohesion that produced it. Does anybody have any recommendations for reading around this?

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