Reading Loop, Thursday December 8th 2011

This week’s Reading Loop will take place on Thursday December 8th 2011 at 6pm, in room 117, Jessop Building, University of Sheffield.

The text is by Gil Doron and can be downloaded here.

As the title of the text suggests, and in keeping with our current work on developing conceptual frameworks to understand how we inhabit, practise and represent our city, we’ll be looking at the concepts of

badlands, blank space, border vacuums, brown fields, conceptual Nevada, Dead Zones1, derelict areas,ellipsis spaces, empty places, free space liminal spaces, ,nameless spaces, No Man’s Lands, polite spaces, post architectural zones, spaces of indeterminacy, spaces of uncertainty, smooth spaces, Tabula Rasa, Temporary Autonomous Zones, terrain vague, urban deserts, vacant lands, voids, white areas, Wasteland… SLOAPs

Hope to see you there!

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