Future Cities

Future City, with Rem Koolhaas, China Mieville, Carolyn Birdsall, and Christoph Lindner. 

An evening of public lectures and debate, Amsterdam, April 25.

The city as the location location for socio-politial, cultural, and artistic production is a disputed place, constantly being tested by local conditions and global and transnational circumstances. What influence will steadily accelerating globalization have on the shape and image of the future city? And will the transnational flow of people, work, and images redefine the concept of the “urban”? Can we imagine a metropolis beyond the global city?

This event is part of the public lecture series “Facing Forward: Art and Theory from a Future Perspective”, organized by ASCA, the Stedelijk Museum, Metropolis M, W139, and De Appel Arts Center. More details, including location and ticket information, available here.

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