pamphlet project

occursus is curating a pamphlet project

We’re looking for people who live (or who have lived) in Sheffield to fill one of our handmade pamphlets with their thoughts, memories and dreams of Sheffield. You can fill it however you like –

write copy paste stick think remember

draw cut stitch gaze suggest design wonder

imagine tell argue ponder model etch

portray outline trace collect infer paint sew

 engrave describe express frame form

plot scheme collage make do mend

map show sketch invent compose

If you’d like to fill in a pamphlet, please email with your name and postal address. We’ll send you one in the post, along with a stamped return envelope. (You can also request more than one, if you have friends or family who would like to participate.)

You can fill in the pamphlet anonymously, use a pseudonym or your real name.

The pamphlets will be shown in an exhibition in Sheffield in summer 2012.

“From PAMPHLETS may be learned the genius of the age, the debates of the learned, the follies of the ignorant, the bévues of government, and the mistakes of the courtiers. […] They carry reputation of wit and learning to all that make them their companions”. (MYLES DAVIES, ICON LIBELLORUM, or a Critical History of Pamphlets)

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