Moving with thought – free plastiCities workshop

Moving with thought: a poetry trance-walk – Upperthorpe to Hillsborough

occursus / plastiCities is pleased to announce a workshop with poet Matthew Clegg. Places are free but limited and booking is required.

You can book online here.

12.00pm – 16.00pm Saturday 23rd June

Matt Clegg will lead a guided walk and poetry workshop designed to explore the roles of movement and trance in the composition of poetry. It will explore ideas and modes of practice that begin with Wordsworth and continue through such moderns as Basil Bunting and Ken Smith.

How does movement through the ‘edge-land’ landscape shape our thought and state of mind? What pace and shape of route facilitates poetic ‘trance’ most effectively? What is the role and predicament of the poet in that landscape?

The walk will encourage participants to think through their senses: the workshop will help them adapt or depart from poetic forms. There will be a focus on the use of resonant imagery and on crafting emotive rhythm and sound.

Brian Lewis will record the results and shape them into a suite of poems and ambient noise to be exhibited on Soundcloud.

Please bring a pen and notebook, and dress for walking.

Meet at 7 Garden Street, 12.00pm prompt.


12.00 – 12.45 Introduction and reading workshop.
12.45 – 14.45 Walk from Upperthorpe to Hillsborough and back, following the Don.
14.45 – 15.00 Refreshments
15.00 – 16.00 Poetry Workshop

There will be a reading by Matthew Clegg on the evening of June 23rd. More information to follow.

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