Seeking proposals

Art Sheffield and The University of Sheffield are collaborating on a new series of participatory symposia and workshops reflecting on art in the city. The aim is to generate debate around different aspects of contemporary art practice. It is intended that these discussions will feed into the planning and rationale for the next Art Sheffield Festival, which will be launched in October 2013 and will cohere around the central theme of new and old models of social and civic participation and work.

The first symposium, to be held at the University of Sheffield on Friday 29th June, will provide an opportunity for contributors from a wide range of interests and backgrounds relating to this broad field of enquiry to tease out strands to be used as ‘provocateurs’ that, over the course of the next year, will encourage debate and dialogue around the critical premise of the Art Sheffield Festival, and the selection of works. The themes of the first symposium are work and works.

The symposium will adopt a non-traditional format, interspersing speakers with artist performances, readings, screenings, a city walk and a collaborative roundtable discussion. As part of the programme, we will also be offering a free lunchtime picnic, during which participants will have the opportunity to meet and talk informally with practitioners and researchers from across the city. The resulting content will be documented and available online through a Bookleteer.

The themes we would like to explore on June 29th include (but are not limited to):

• works: the architecture of historic workplaces around the city
• the architecture and social and economic history of the city
• craftsmanship and sites for creative activity
• spaces that have been taken up by both artist communities and developers
• devotion and vocation
• the reconnection with meaningful labour and talents; work removed from economic gain, as a counter to a meaningless, boredom or inertia – ‘waste of time jobs’ all relating to the shifting economy of the city
• social cohesion within the city; the construction and perpetuation of class systems preventing solidarity and new media as an alternative model

We are seeking proposals from across the disciplines for performances, poetry, readings and panel contributions for the first symposium on June 29th. A small fee will be paid to participants.

For more information and a (short) proposal form, please email Amanda Crawley Jackson:

Download Art and Work symposium proposal form

The deadline for proposals is Monday June 18th, 5pm.

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