24-hour magazine today

Welcome to the 24 Hour Magazine. In this ambitiously small period of time we are attempting to write, design, edit and produce an entire publication, starting at 9am on Saturday 9 June and ending at 9am on Sunday 10. This project is a collaboration between Article, independent magazine publishers, and Occursus, a project based at the University of Sheffield.

The magazine will be focussed on the Upper Don Valley, examining the river Don from Hillsborough to Kelham Island. We want to produce something that explores the river, the spaces around it, the people and businesses and the way that it’s represented and imagined.

We hope to incorporate wildly varying approached to create a magazine of contrasting features, images and interviews – all exploring a predetermined geographical area. We want the magazine to be a fascinating publication in its own right, as well as a record of what’s happening on the day.

Our editorial approach is simple. We want to gather pieces of content that dig into the details of the area, finding out and presenting specific places and people that make it what it is. We’re not looking to illustrate a particular point about the city by using this content, but rather to try and draw out themes, contrasts, fascinating snippets in the context of what subtly links them – the river itself.

At the end of the 24 hours, we will print and present the finished magazine. This will be sent to print and produced as a limited run of magazines. All participants will receive a copy around a week after the event.


We don’t want to tell you what to write, but here a few vague themes you can consider if feeling stuck.

Design, history, texture, experience, memory, taste, typography, industry, nature, architecture.


Making a magazine is not just writing a piece or taking some photos. It is an emmersive process. People with different talents must work together, to shape ideas and create something together.

In this spirit, when you are finished working on a piece or a project – that isn’t the end of it. There is editing and changing to do. We want you to stick around and talk to people, work on the content together. Over the course of the day we will be printing out the content people have made and putting it on the wall. It is up there for you to read and comment on. Please do read it, and then write your thoughts and put them on the board, or go find the person who made it and talk to them about the piece if you think it needs changing, or simply if you liked reading it.

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