Photographs from exhibitions by Eddy Dreadnought, Joshua Holt and Gordie Cavill

On June 29th, occursus/plastiCities hosted 3 exhibitions, featuring works by artists Eddy Dreadnought, Joshua Holt, Gordie Cavill and Bryan Eccleshall.

Some of the poets who were involved in the plastiCities project read from their recent publication of works inspired by the Upperthorpe and Shalesmoor walks – Wordwards. We also launched our 24-hour magazine, Don.

These are some photos from the exhibitions at the University of Sheffield and the Nichols Building.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos are by Andy Brown.


  1. Superb exhibition, thoroughly enjoyed it all but in particular the work by Gordie which had a sublime and resplendent darkness.

  2. I attended the wonderful and thought provoking exhibition in the Nichol’s building. The parallel existence of power and vulnerability, as presented in Gordie’s work, was particularly absorbing.

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