Paris – la Petite Ceinture

The above short stop-motion film was produced in 2009 by French photographer Jipé Corre during the course of 2 weeks in May. Technically, the film consists of 2633 mostly black-and-white photographs shot at regular five meter (or 10 step) intervals from a similar, crouching position — all linked at the speed of 8 images per second to form a continuous whole suggestive of a full trajectory around the Ceinture in present-day Paris. The idea behind the film was a simple one: how to capture a linear and mostly unbroken space that was and continues to invite a multitude of uses and users.


Ulf Strohmayer, professor of Geography at NUI Galway, has written a fascinating essay on the petite ceinture and Corre’s video in Liminalities8, 4, 2012, pp. 1-16.

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