Heath Bunting to speak at art + law symposium

We’re delighted to announce that the artist Heath Bunting will be speaking at the free art + law symposium (Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield, Gell Street S3) on March 14th on the question of borders/identity/security.

Heath was one of the early practitioners of net art and is known for exploring and crossing the boundaries of legality in his practice.

Places at the symposium are free but limited. To reserve a place, please email Amanda Crawley Jackson: a.j.jackson@sheffield.ac.uk

You can read Emma Cocker’s book chapter on Bunting’s work with Kayle Brandon – ‘Border Crossings: Practices for Beating the Bounds’ – here.

BorderXing is an ongoing project (2002 onwards) where Brandon and Bunting endeavour to illegally cross the national borders of various European countries, without interruption from customs, immigration or border police. Approached through the frame of liminality it becomes possible to argue that within this project, the border is not so much crossed in resistance to its specific law and logic, as activated as a critical site of resistance, wherein to practise or rehearse a set of tactics through which wider structures of capture and control might also be challenged.

Emma Cocker, ‘Border Crossings: Practices for Beating the Bounds’, in Liminal Landscapes: Travel, Experience and Spaces In-Between, edited by Hazel Andrews and Les Roberts (London: Routledge, 2012).

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