Hondartza Fraga in Hull – ‘a still better seaward peep’

Hondartza Fraga, our occursus artist in residence in 2011, has begun a new residency at the University of Hull, funded by The Leverhulme Trust.

Based at the Maritime History Studies Centre, Hondartza will be examining Hull’s whaling history in the year 1780-1850.

Ms Fraga will examine and represent the various relationships that evolved while whaling crews undertook lengthy, arduous and dangerous voyages to Arctic waters. She will explore how whalers understood material objects (like their ships and equipment), arctic environments, whales and whale products. Ashore, she will consider the domestic lives of families left behind for long periods, their notion of whales and their engagement with the material culture of whaling. Ms Fraga will also respond to the social and economic roles of whale products in the emergence of a modern consumer society and in the evolution of Hull as a port-city with transnational commercial interests.


Read Hondartza’ s residency blog here.

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