Call for papers and interventions: Post-Traumatic Landscapes (Sheffield, May 22 2013)

In the third of our series of cross-disciplinary symposia, we’ll be exploring post-traumatic landscapes.

The symposium will take place on Wednesday May 22nd, 10am-4pm. There will also be a screening of Detroit Wild City (dir. Florent Tillon) at the Showroom Cinema on May 21st, as part of the symposium programme.

The topics we would like to cover in this symposium include (but are not limited to):

socio-geological approaches to post-traumatic landscapes; physical traumas on the landscape and how they’re erased/covered over; contamination as a post-traumatic trace; the politics of erasure, regeneration, ‘moving on’; aftermath (consequences or after-effects of an event; second growth); ruptures in forgetting; photograph as a post-traumatic artefact; blankness and invisibility; absorption; landscape and PTSD – hypervigilance, structures of forgetting, avoidance; plasticity (cognitive reformatting, etc); affect, vibrant matter, materiality; the geologic now; the archaeology of the contemporary past (Victor Buchli, Gavin Lucas); beyond the ruin

If you would like to submit a proposal for a 20-minute paper, screening or small exhibition, please email Dr Amanda Crawley Jackson ( by April 25th.

3 thoughts on “Call for papers and interventions: Post-Traumatic Landscapes (Sheffield, May 22 2013)

  1. #settlement – OUR SHITTY HOPES AND DREAMS. Stephen Carley.

    Q. So why do you live in this soggy wet fucking valley? A. You sort of slide down here and settle at the bottom and then just think ‘oh well, this will do’ and then get rheumatism or The Flu or something and then its hard to walk back up.

    April 1st – 6th, 2013. 11am-3pm.

    Gordon Works, Valley Road, Sheffield, S8.

    Preview evening, Wednesday 3rd April, 5-7pm.

    Twitter – @stephen_carley #settlement

    In conjunction with Keith Hayman.

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