Introducing Furnace Park – Live Project video

In late 2012, a group of students from the University of Sheffield School of Architecture (SS0A) developed a plan for Furnace Park. Working in collaboration with SKINN, plastiCities (the group that heads up occursus’ live projects) and Cristina Cerulli (SSoA/Studio Polpo), they designed and made prototypes of a number of modular systems that can be made cheaply and quickly from locally sourced, reused and recycled materials.

One thought on “Introducing Furnace Park – Live Project video

  1. Hi Amanda. Furnace looks interesting… You may or may not have seen the info about some stuff myself and Keith Hayman have being working on recently… #settlement.

    The actual piece was installed last week, but there is some initial documentation of my stuff at

    And supporting stuff at



    Stephen Carley.

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