Entropy @ Charnwood Quarry : Martyn Blundell and Mark Goodwin at Post-Traumatic Landscapes symposium

In early Spring 2012, Martyn Blundell and Mark Goodwin entered the disused quarter of Charnwood Quarry, near Loughborough. From the quarry rim they worked their way down … passed beneath the M1 Motorway … then entered abandoned workshops and offices …

…  Entropy @ Charnwood Quarry, early Spring 2012  is a film-poem made from that ‘journey’  …

Film duration: approx 9 minutes

Film production: Martyn Blundell

Poetry, vocals and audio production: Mark Goodwin


Martyn Blundell is a video artist who has, since 1995, exhibited his work widely, both in the UK and internationally. In his current video work, Martyn is interested in: ‘prompting reflection on the relationship between then and now, presence and absence; and looking for the emotional traces left behind from our everyday encounters with our environment and our species.’


Mark Goodwin has published three full-length poetry collections, and three chapbooks. Much of his work is about ‘landscape’. Mark has a particular interest in ‘rurban’ rim-lands and the dilapidated. He has exhibited and often collaborated with Sheffield’s Longbarrow Press, through audio-recording poetry outdoors. The following is from Mark’s chapbook, Layers of Un, published by Shearsman Books:

a partly eradicated

stairwell to

a plain of waste

land droning

with a fizz

of worlds’





Reserve a free place at the symposium (which will take place on May 22nd, 10am-4pm) here.

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