Furnace Park // neighbours (1)

At the top of the Furnace Park site, you will see the wonderful Don Cutlery Works. Built in the mid- to late-nineteenth century, the complex (which originally included offices, workshops and warehouses) was home – until around 1910 – to Southern and Richardson, merchants and manufacturers of cutlery.

The building was listed by English Heritage, who note that “In addition to the complex’s intactness, it meets the criteria for listing of post-1840 industrial buildings at a national level as the form and layout of the buildings clearly express a regional specialism specific to the nature of the metal working in Sheffield. Don Cutlery Works also has significant Group Value with Doncaster’s Cementation Furnace (Scheduled Monument) on the opposite side of the road.” (Source: British Listed Buildingshttp://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/en-501152-don-cutlery-works-)




Side wall of Don Cutlery Works, from the upper part of Furnace Park


Doncaster’s Cementation Furnace now sits awkwardly ring-fenced by the HSBC car park. Built in 1848, the furnace was operational throughout the Second World War and the white structure which sits at the top of the cone is a blackout cover. The Furnace is Grade II listed and a scheduled national monument.

All photos Amanda Crawley Jackson, 2012-2013

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