Furnace Park // poet in residence

occursus is delighted to announce that Ágnes Lehoczky is our new Furnace Park poet in residence.

Ágnes Lehóczky is an Hungarian-born poet and translator. She completed her Masters in English and Hungarian Literature at Pázmány Péter University of Hungary in 2001 and an MA with distinction in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in 2006. She holds a PhD in Critical and Creative Writing, also from the UEA. She has two short poetry collections in Hungarian, Station X (2000) andMedallion (2002), published by Universitas, Hungary. Her first full collection, Budapest to Babel, was published by Egg Box in 2008. She was the winner of the Daniil Pashkoff Prize 2010 in poetry and the inaugural winner of the Jane Martin Prize for Poetry at Girton College, Cambridge, in 2011.

Her collection of essays on the poetry of Ágnes Nemes Nagy, Poetry, the Geometry of Living Substance, was published in 2011 by Cambridge Scholars and a libretto of hers was commissioned by Writers’ Centre Norwich for The Voice Project at Norwich Cathedral as part of & Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2011. She currently teaches creative writing at the University of Sheffield. (http://www.eggboxpublishing.com/authors/show/agnes_lehoczky)

Extracts from Ágnes’ work will be exhibited on billboards at Furnace Park and other residency-related events and news will be advertised in the autumn.

Ye bells of forgotten belfries, damp Hillsborough bedsits. Is there a word out of this labyrinth. Small spiralling spaces of forgotten foundries, mouldy firewalls drowned in thick January fog. A hazy afternoon when I took that sleety route towards Wereldesend. The border between Neepsend and Owlerton, and rolled down the bottom of Herries Road to Wordsend. The day hid under the shadow of icy Shirecliffe. A so-called Tuesday, with a no-name picked from an antiquarian’s old AtoZ. At an irrelevant address in a random cobbled street no-one ever turns into (so many of them in this part of the world). An unremembered circuit of a day-trip stretching between two poles of a breath. One which one must intimately utter to fill in the void in memory one day when one sits down to learn these random routes by heart. Trudging through an immemorable map. By a colossal hollow furnace. A defunct railway which ceased to run in the midst of journeying across this January landscape. Under a grey rainbow of twenty-four hours pending above the earth. Is there such a word, I wondered for a day patroned by St Zero? St Nil? A stalactite suspended in the frozen mid-air in the middle of drooling from my mouth.

Extract from Ágnes Lehoczky, The Carillonneur’s Song (From Parasite of Town, a sequence of prose poems on the city of Sheffield, commissioned by City Books)

Agnes Lehocky (right) with Helen Abbott (left) at Furnace Park. Helen will be working with Agi throughout the residency on the materialisation of poetry
Ágnes Lehocky (right) with Helen Abbott (left) at Furnace Park. Helen will be working with Ági throughout the residency on the materialisation and materiality of poetry on site

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