Ben Cain at Furnace Park // Art Sheffield 2013

We’re in a Delicate Phase, 2013

Exhibiting 04 October – 14 December at Furnace Park

Ben Cain has been invited by occursus at the University of Sheffield to create a new sculptural installation for the site of Furnace Park—an historical industrial ground on the outskirts of the city centre in Shalesmoor. Comprising interlocking wooden beams, inscribed with text and architecturally assembled to create a fragile structure, the work invents a space within a space which can be altered and arranged in infinite combinations. On each beam there is a line of writing, which in a simple conversational tone presents the work itself as a subject, an ‘I’, to ‘you’ a viewer or user. The work performs, like a brief extract from theatre, examining—in the industrial leftovers of Furnace Park—the idea of the production line, and the conditions of its own production. A maze-machine-building that talks, directs, mumbles, complains and invites, one that’s in need of friends, attention, operators, users and good listeners.

The work will be constructed in situ at Furnace Park on Saturday 05 October.

Ben Cain was born in Leeds and lives and works in London and Zagreb. Working in video installations, sculpture, audio work, performances and printed matter, he implicates the viewer in the production of the work through the interplay of saying and doing, making and describing.

Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen / Galleri Opdahl
Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen / Galleri Opdahl

Hear Ben Cain speaking about his work in the context of his exhibition at Manifesta 9.

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