Wasteland haiku – call for contributions

As part of our project to make a multi-sensorial garden space for children at Furnace Park, we’d like to invite you to submit haiku on a wastelands/edge lands/fringelands theme that can be painted on the site over the course of this coming weekend.

You haiku might also respond to Furnace Park itself (lots of images on this site), to Shalesmoor or Sheffield, or to the industrial landscape in which we’re making the garden.

Please share this call widely !

For more information on haiku, please visit http://m.wikihow.com/Write-a-Haiku-Poem

Please use the comment/reply button here to submit your haiku, then come down to Furnace Park to see where it has been painted !

(Or come paint it yourself by signing up to volunteer – email a.j.jackson@sheffield.ac.uk)

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