Quentin Meillassoux (in English) speaking on speculative realism

Listen to Quentin Meillassoux speaking at Goldsmiths in 2007 at a workshop organised by Ray Brassier.

You can also read his paper ‘Spectral Dilemma’ (originally published in Collapse IV, 2007) here.

As a research group, we’re interested in the ways in which speculative (weird) realism might help come to other understandings of the matter and ground of Furnace Park and similarly damaged topographies. Furthermore, our experience with Furnace Park has emphasised to us that the ‘weird’ shaping effects of the pasts of wasteland sites have more to do with their embodied materialism (the brute wetness of their mud, the firm unyielding nature of the rootstock-enfolded subsurface, the anxious potential of contamination caused by former uses or wartime bombing runs) than the ‘hauntings’ and resonant absences that (now quasi-canonical) discourses of spectrality suggest. Amanda Crawley Jackson and Luke Bennett are currently writing a paper (extracts of which will be published here in the not-too-distant future) that will draw out and develop some of these reflections.

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