Microhabitats – a series of workshops, a symposium and an intern position

Funded by the University of Sheffield Arts Enterprise programme, Art in the Park will be running a project at Furnace Park in Shalesmoor, creating Microhabitats (dens, nest and pods) with local communities, children and students in Spring 2014. Promoting play, exploration and the use of natural and found materials we will bring back the den-making children experienced on common land in the not so distant past.

There will be a free public symposium on Friday March 28th (exploring microhabitats of all kinds – huts, gardens, dens, sheds, studios….) and 5 free workshops for families and children, where participants will be able to work in collaboration with artists and students to build dens and pods on site. Free instruction manuals – including a list of places where you can find the recycled, sustainable and re-used materials needed to make the co-produced designs – will be made freely available for download.

The aim of the programme is to work collaboratively, sharing skills, know-how and experience in order to think more creatively about the ways in which we make and shape our cities, creating the places we need to work, think, create and play.

Once the microhabitats are built, they will be home to a series of community- and artist-curated events taking place at Furnace Park in summer 2014.

As part of the project, Art in the Park are offering a volunteer intern position (which could be for two people, as the project work and the making/editing of the film may need different skills sets) .

Dates: Feb-May 2014

Supervisor: Luisa Golob, CEO, Art in the Park

Voluntary for 100hrs


–        Supporting publicity and marketing of the workshops

–        Attending the workshop days to film the building process

–        Editing footage to create a short film

–        Research on Olive Schreiner, Commonwealth Café and other projects linked with Furnace park and include elements of this research in the final film

Skills/experience desirable / required:

–        Marketing and publicity experience (social media, press releases, poster design)

–        Multimedia skills and experience (e.g. film and sound editing, editing websites…)

–        Ability to work independently and structure own time to meet deadlines

–        Experience of community work/3rd sector/volunteering

–        Creative approach and skills

–        Interest/experience in voluntary/community/arts sectors

To apply: Please submit your CV and no more than 500 words total on the following points to luisa@artinthepark.org.uk:

–        What do you think you could bring to the role, in terms of skills, experience and personal qualities?

–        What do you hope to get out of the role, in terms of experience, skills and your future career?

Dens made by Art in the Park in the Winter Gardens, Sheffield.
Dens made by Art in the Park in the Winter Gardens, Sheffield.

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