Performing the past at Furnace Park

We’re delighted to announce that Alice Collins, a local resident and writer, is currently preparing a monologue performance that takes as its subject the accident in 1886 that resulted in the deaths of 8 children from the Shalesmoor area of Sheffield.

In 1886, 8 local children were killed by a deluge of iron bars, roofing timbers and slates when one of Doncaster’s stockyard walls collapsed as they played beneath: Martha Armitage (aged ten), John Armitage (two), Henry Crisp (six), William Cullingworth (seven), Clifford Anderson (five), Samuel Oates (five), William Henry Ward (five), Herbert Crookes (five). 

As she prepares the monologue, Alice would welcome any information you might have regarding the accident (or the Shalesmoor/Neepsend area and its industries at the end of the 19th century). If you would like to contact her, please email in the first instance.

We anticipate two performances of the monologue on site at Furnace Park. These will be prefaced by a poster display and a small number of talks by local historians and participants in the 2013 occursus symposium on post-traumatic landscapes.

The event will be free and open to all. More information about the dates and times will be posted here shortly.

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