Help give Furnace Park a spring clean!

On Saturday February 8th, 10am-4pm, we’ll be doing a Furnace Park spring clean. If you’re able to come along and help, we’d be really grateful!

Our plan is to repair the fences and billboards damaged by the winter weather and sort out the contents of the shipping container, doing an inventory of the materials that have been donated to us.

Brigitte Griffiths, a Sheffield resident who is preparing a master plan for the landscaping and planting of the site, is also going to be there on the day and would like to hear your opinions and ideas regarding what you think would be good to plant, what would work on the site, etc. If you’d like to bring along any plant donations (fruit trees in containers, for example), that would be great.

Please wear old clothes and appropriate footwear – it will no doubt be muddy.

Also, if you have work gloves, please do bring a pair along.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Location map of Furnace Park

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