Would you like to use Furnace Park?

Are you an artist? Do you belong to a community group? Are you a performer? Designer? Architect? Would you like to use Furnace Park?

FP graphic

Furnace Park is a one and a half acre brownfield site devoted to education, the arts and performance.

It’s also space in which people can come together to think about the ways in which we live in, design, represent and plan our cities.

If you have a project (a talk, a performance, an exhibition, for example) that would work well on an outdoor site and are looking for a place in which to host it, please contact Amanda Crawley Jackson (a.j.jackson@sheffield.ac.uk)

We don’t have a budget to commission works, but we can offer you free use of the site and we’re also willing to lend a hand with funding applications.

We have a 40′ shipping container, part of which can be used for storage or indoor activities. We also have seating for up to 40. The top part of the site is a garden area, with lots of room for things like immersive theatre, readings, performance, etc.

The bottom part of the site is concreted over and very flexible – ideal for all kinds of uses.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 20.09.43

You can use the space for an hour, a day or a week – we’re happy to negotiate this with you.

The main aim is to turn this site – which we’ve spent a year working on, in order to make it safe, legal and welcoming – into a real community asset, for use by you.

There’s no application form – just send Amanda an email with an outline of your idea and we can get together to talk about it in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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