Vale Road, Sheffield, April 2022

I lie down, amidst soft shards of tarmac, flecks of glass, cans squashed by unknown fists. The scrubby ground yields forget-me-nots, coltsfoot, spring draba, herb robert. I learned these names during the pandemic, as the perimeter of my wandering contracted. Sycamore, Scots pine, bird cherry. From the trees, thin trails of birdsong. This is a place of remains. The hill that rears steeply behind me is seared with twisted dendix. Fly tippers have dumped black bags, white goods, a sagging red sofa.

I record a minute of birdsong on my phone. A gold rescue blanket, ballasted with tyres, susurrates in the breeze.

5 thoughts on “(return)

  1. Wot’s Up Amanda?
    Been a long time.
    I’ve been painting a lot and have a show at Yellow Arch Studios in June.
    I like the writing above – very Sheffield Now…
    Sign me IP for occursus…please!

  2. 8th to 24th June. Opening event on Friday 10th at 5.30-8.30pm. Artists talk on 15th June at 5.30pm. Robbie Thompson will be performing some of his songs on the afternoon of Sunday the 19th – time TBC. Lovely to hear from you Amanda!

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