So a few years ago, as some of you may remember, we had a thing called the occursus reading group, out of which emerged some residencies, workshops, walks and exhibitions.

Every week, we read and talked together.

I learned so much.

Anyway, we’ve been thinking that the time may be right – for all kinds of reasons – to start occursus up again. We’d like to read theory and fiction and creative non-fiction and poetry and …. And we’d like to think about the times we’re living in and the times we want to live in.

At the moment, we’re thinking of starting in early September and meeting online in the first instance (though up for discussion). And who knows – maybe some exhibitions and residencies and other spaces of reflection, creativity and sharing may emerge too.

If you’re interested, please let me know 🌻 🙏🏼

4 thoughts on “occursus…

  1. Please keep me on your list! I’m now the Horticulturist for the City of Raleigh, which is the capital city of North Carolina, USA. I found occursus to be legitimate inspiration while suffering through grad school. I look forward to contributing! Sincerely, Neal

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  2. Hi there, great to hear occursus is occuring again! I was a bit involved last time although I must admit a lot went over my head! But would love to Zoom to say hello. Best wishes, Alice Collins

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