Today is my last day as Occursus artist-in-residence. Mainly, it has been a month of re-visiting. Re-visiting ideas, photos, texts, … More


A house. A house surrounded by a white fence, lush trees and a small path leading to its white door. … More


This is a drawing of a found photograph. Of the back of a photograph. I can’t remember where I got … More


Today I went to see an exhibition of some research projects on how different cultures inhabit space, how different people … More


The last few days the city seems quieter than usual. And it is strange, because it is not only this … More

in translation

One of my main goals for this residency is to look back and reflect about material accumulated. And another is … More

a wondering seagull

Today I have spent the day looking at footage I’ve collected over the last year. Last summer in Santander: planes, … More

Day One: Plans…

Today I have started my one-month residency at Occursus (in Site Gallery, Sheffield). Here I will be updating a journal … More