Marcus Westbury, Iterative Cities – now available on youtube

Marcus Westbury recently visited Sheffield and gave a talk entitled ‘Iterative Cities: Renewal and regeneration from the bottom up’ at the University of Sheffield.

Marcus Westbury is Founder of Renew Newcastle (Australia) and Renew Australia. Over the past 5 years that program has brokered access to more than 50 once vacant spaces to more than 120 small scale creative enterprises in Newcastle, Australia.

Renew Newcastle is a low budget DIY urban renewal scheme which has led to a major transformation of the city’s fortunes. In this presentation he will argue that social, cultural and technological factors are driving a great surge in creative and economic life at the small scale and that tapping into this is a transformative force for cities and towns around the world.


Filmed on Tuesday 11th February at the Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield.

There’s an interesting interview with Marcus Westbury by Dan Hill on the Brickstarter website.

I was particularly interested by some of the key points identified in their conversation – “Hold off the “yes/no” decision about a project and a space as long as possible”, “the hack versus the rewrite“, “work at the smallest scale“…