occursus recommends…

Benjamin Noys (ed.), Communization and its Discontents: Contestation, Critique, and Contemporary Struggles (<.:.MinOr.:.>. cOmpOsitiOns.)  This collection is dedicated to a … More

As we enter 2012…

Nothing is more unfitting for an intellectual resolved on practising what was earlier called philosophy, than to wish, in discussion, … More

Reading Loop this week

The next Reading Loop will take place on Wednesday July 6th, 6pm, Site Gallery canteen. As this will be the last … More

Politics and the police order

Fragmentary notes on Reading Loop, 18/6/2011 Jacques Rancière, Ten Theses on Politics Politics is not the exercise of power. Politics is … More

Reading Loop, 22/6/2011

Next week’s Reading Loop will take place on Wednesday June 22nd in Site Gallery Canteen. We’ll be continuing with the … More