Return of the Reading Loop

Reading Loop begins again on Thursday May 1st at 7pm, at FAGANS (Broad Lane) with Slavoj Zizek’s paper, ‘Descartes and the Post-Traumatic Subject’.

We’re going to use the first session to discuss whether Thursday evenings are the best time and also think about where we’d like our regular venue to be.

Reading Loop returns!

Over the last few weeks, a number of people have mentioned the reading loop to me and asked if we might start it up again…..

So – we thought we’d celebrate the arrival of spring with a fresh series, kicking off – on Thursday May 1st at 7pm, with Slavoj Zizek’s paper, ‘Descartes and the Post-Traumatic Subject’.

The venue is yet to be confirmed. Any ideas or offers of a temporary reading loop home, please email Amanda :


reading loop, wasteland planning, sound art

The next reading loop (Wednesday, May 2nd, 7pm, Bloc studios) will be a more experimental workshop, thinking through how a wasteland might be re-thought (and perhaps re-made?) through sound. We’ll be asking not ‘What do we want to see in this space?’, but: ‘What do we want to hear in this space?’ The discussions will feed in to the broader project to develop a live project in a wasteland in the Shalesmoor area of Sheffield.

The session will be led by Adam Denton and Richard Moran.

There is no set text as such for this week; rather, we suggest a variety of materials into which you might like to dip your toes before we start sharing and discussing our ideas!

Notation as Art

Text scores by Christian Wolff

Sonic Art

Stockhausen and the serial shaping of space (particularly the first 74 pages) –

Urban experiments in soundart and sonic space
Interventionists User Manual

Michel de Certeau, Practices of Space