Help us make ‘Under the Rainbow’ at Furnace Park! Volunteers needed!

We’re going to be working with the wonderful Fleurs de Filles, whose amazing ‘Under the Rainbow’ project was recently showcased at the Harrogate Autumn Show, to make a multi-sensory garden area for children, built entirely with recycled materials, at Furnace Park.


  • To help collect materials (particularly plastic bottles, with which we’re going to making a greenhouse, but also tins of paint, brushes, etc.)
  • To help build the garden
  • To help get news of this project out into communities

** TO SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER, PLEASE EMAIL AMANDA ( or VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (we need to be able to see who’s coming and be able to contact you with some information before you come down). **

The plan is – dependent on the weather – to do this on the weekend of November 9/10.

Please let me know by email ( if you’d like to get involved – and do check out this link. It shows just what a fantastic project Under the Rainbow is. What’s more, Fleurs de Filles are going to do this in support of Furnace Park and won’t be charging us a penny, so please do lend a hand if you can so we can create ‘Under the Rainbow’ here in Sheffield.