Creevela Works – Barn

Walkley History

The farmhouse in 2001. Jim Rylatt. The farmhouse in 2001. Jim Rylatt.

The barn. Jim Rylatt. The barn which may be demolished. Taken in 2001. Jim Rylatt.

There is currently a planning application to demolish one of Walkley’s oldest buildings, a former barn known as the Creevela Works on Parsonage Crescent. Below is archaeologist Jim Rylatt’s brief history and architectural description of the barn. Details on how to object to demolition follow Jim’s description.

Creevela Works old OS

The results of my studies have indicated that the structure now known as the Creevela Works is the second or third oldest building still standing in Walkley. The oldest building is the Heavygate Inn and the other structure is Primrose House, on the opposite side of Parsonage Crescent.

These are the only three surviving buildings in the whole of Walkley that predate the formation of the first Freehold Land Societies in 1849 and 1850.

Primrose House was a relatively substantial farmhouse and the ‘Creevela Works’ represented…

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