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Fagans on Broad Lane, Thursday May 8th 2014, 7-9pm.

Catherine Malabou’s What should we do with our brain?



Thursday May 7th 2014

Thursday May 1st at 7pm, at FAGANS (Broad Lane)

Slavoj Zizek’s paper, ‘Descartes and the Post-Traumatic Subject’.


Wednesday March 7th 2012

This reading loop, Dogs, Ethics and the City, is led by Bob McKay from the School of English at the University of Sheffield. As part of the Upperthorpe project, Bob is doing some research with students on his module Animal Writes: Beasts and Humans in 20th Century Literature on the meanings and representations of the animal shelter (actually in Netherthorpe… There are three chapter-length readings: the article by H. Peter Steeves, a continental philosopher, is a creative-philosophical reflection on human-animal relations; the one by Jennifer Wolch, a social and cultural geographer, is an argument for rethinking how we conceive of animals’ place in the city; and Clare Palmer’s article is an ethical reflection on Animal Shelters from a more or less Anglo-American philosophical framework. Please don’t feel obliged to read all three!

Reading Loop takes place in studio 49, Bloc, at 7pm.


Wednesday February 29th 2012

The text, which has been chosen by Bryan Eccleshall, is Galen Strawson’s ‘Against Narrativity’.


Wednesday February 22nd 2012

The session will be led by Angelina Ayers and Amanda Crawley Jackson.

The texts are:

Karl Palmas, ‘ “Deleuze and DeLanda: A new ontology, a new political economy?” ‘

and a series of sections from Iain Sinclair’s book, Ghost Milk:

Fence Wars, Raids, Funny Money, Against the Grain, Along the Thames from the London Stone, In the Belly of the Architect (particularly section on Superstructure)

Please feel free to dip in and out of these sections and to read only as many as you have time to read!

You might also be interested to listen to this audio piece, in which Iain Sinclair talks about the ways in which the Olympics have affected development in London.

There’s also a longer podcast here, a recording of Iain Sinclair’s talk at the If Conference in 2011.


Wednesday February 15th 2012

The text, chosen by Violette Alfonsi, is James Agee’s Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

The sections we have chosen to focus on in particular are:

Book 1: Preface
Book 2:  ”Verses”, “Preamble”, “All over Alabama”, “Near a church” & “A country letter”


Wednesday February 8th 2012

The chosen texts for February 8th are:

Doina Petrescu, The Indeterminate Mapping of the Common

Brian Holmes, Drifting Through the Grid


Wednesday February 1st 2012

The text we’ll be reading, chosen and introduced by Sam Ross, is The Housing Monster. We’ll be focusing particularly on the sections entitled ”Development and Decay” and “Commodity and Community”.

We’ll also read a very short section (only a couple of pages or so!) of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities –‘Leonia’  (“Continuous Cities 1″). 


Wednesday January 25th 2012

The first texts for the 2012 series have been chosen by author Rachel Genn:

During the discussion we hope to pursue our ongoing reflections on approaches to the city.


Wednesday June 29th 2011

We’ll be discussing chapter 1 of Marcus Boon’s text, ‘In Praise of Copying’ (published by Harvard University Press in 2010).

You can (legally – hurrah!) download a copy of the whole book here.


Wednesday June 22nd 2011

We’ll be discussing the public/private dichotomy and thinking about the current exhibition at Site, Lies Inc., by Eva and Franco Mattes.

The texts are: ’Extra: Unsustainable Difference, Unconditional Possibility, A Conversation on Hospitality’ (by Irene De Vico Fallani and Cesare Pietroiusti) proposed by our current occursus artist-in-residence, Hondartza Fraga.

The second text, ’9/11, Synopticon and Scopophilia: Watching and Being Watched’ (by David Lyon) can be found here:


Wednesday June 8th 2011

This week’s texts are by Rasheed Araeen and Richard Sennett, and they have been chosen by Eve Michelaki and Christos Christodoulopoulos, who will lead the session. If you would like copies, please email


Wednesday June 1st 2011

This week, we’ll be reading Jacques Rancière’s ‘Ten Theses on Politics’. You can read it here.


Wednesday May 25th 2011

This week’ Reading Loop will be led by Brendan Stone and David Forrest from the University of Sheffield’s Storying Sheffield project.


Wednesday May 18th 2011

Works by Paul Evans; texts by Yve Lomax and John Berger.  This session will explore concepts surrounding our contemporary relationship with animals (particularly ‘urban’ species) and will touch on a few philosophical ideas concerning anthropocentrism.


Wednesday May 11th 2011

Video works by Hondartza Fraga and The Looking-Glass Dictionary (from The Budapest File) by George Szirtes.

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