Shalesmoor portraits

On Saturday June 9th – Sunday June 10th, occursus/plastiCities worked with Article magazine to produce a 24-hour magazine that will be launched at CADS (Smithfield, Sheffield S3 7AR) on Friday June 22nd, 8.15pm.

These are some of the lovely people we met during the 24 hours we spent working on the magazine.

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Photos © Amanda Crawley Jackson 2012


The sky was very dark but it didn’t rain. We couldn’t find anywhere that sold Pontefract cakes but came across the Haribo factory (closed at the weekends) and, as we drove home, looping back on ourselves, the Ferrybridge cooling towers (some of which, I learned later, had collapsed in strong winds in 1965). In a shop, just outside the town, I was given a free batch of paper; in another, a knife sharpener. People are really nice here, my son said.